Market Maker

The Market Maker is defined as a user interface view of the Price Engine, enabling clients to visualize a more specific depth view within the combined liquidity books from multiple price sources.

Who is this for?

  • Sell Side
  • Execution Brokers & Market Makers

What are the benefits?

  • Simple visualization of liquidity
  • Risk and trade cover features
  • Customizable price aggregation

This trading client is predominantly targeted towards clients who have more specific requirements around the management of liquidity and potentially constructing liquidity / making markets in financial products. Coupled with the ability to cover client positions, increase flows and liquidity the Market Maker works as a powerful tool for more focused sell side clients.

This trading client is designed to complete the suite of Celer UI's and can be used in conjunction with other Celer modules as an integrated solution or range of products


  • Specialized view
  • Customized liquidity
  • Liquidity ladders


  • Express trading views
  • Launch trade types
  • Global order books


  • Selective risk views
  • Build a risk book
  • Control market impact